My name is Mekonah Myers creator of this awsome site.

Your probably wondering what is this site about, what am I supposed to do here?

Well there is a simple answer to that, this site is where you come to learn and utilize the skills of yours truly. I have gained alot of experience in both the technology and business fields working under alot of titles such as, IT professional, network admin, web developer, software engineer, technology consultant, business consultant, and entrepreneur.

My mission is leverage my experience to help the average person learn these skills, but there is one problem, my knowledge and skills my be lucritive but it tends to fall in the realm of boring. Bummer huh, well worry not I know how boring it can be at times (I had to learn it at a point ), so I have decided to include modern media such as anime, video games, comics, cartoons and tv shows to deliver this information. So now its time to have fun while building your skills

Oh and before I forget I still need to eat so I do offer my services on the site as a consultant.

Contact Number: 347-278-2614